The Musicians

The music of the Cosmopolitan Sextet is a mixture of Jazz, Classical, Pop and Folk. Everybody is composing and everybody brings his own cultural background  ( Ukraine, Ecuador, Italy, Germany) in the compositions and

in the bandsound.


The fact, that every musician is experienced in different projects in Jazz, Classical or Pop music, let the band work in a very demanding and

professional way. The output shows many diverse colours within complex rhythms, melodical passages, soundscapes, or groovy beats; always in a touching way.


The story started with the meeting of Rick and Stas at a jamsession in Saarbrücken. After the session they decided to play together in duo - and it worked. The communication was great. This happened a few years ago. It's a constant development since 3 years; not only with regard to the increase of the musicians, but with the language in the own compositions and sound. One can be very glad to find musicians who think and work in the same musical way.


We have the chance and like to go forward...

Rick-Henry Ginkel

Stanislav Zhukovskyy oboe / englishhorn / duduk
Juan Sebastián Arauz piano / keys
Gabriele Basilico double-bass / e-bass
Fabian Künzer drums
Anton Zhukovskyy percussion / syntheziser